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This tumblr is just mine. I want to use it to join kandi communities when I can start making it but it's just mine really. It might not always be kandi related.

I'm a 30 year old girl from England that has slight learning disabilites that make me younger than I am in my head. So mentally I'm around 12 - 15. Feel free to send me questions and notes and I'll do my best to answer them.

I like kandi, bright colours, glowy things, music, animals, Discworld, Doctor Who and WoW.

Aug 16 2014

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Aug 16 2014




I present to you a puppy eating watermelon.

I can’t stop thinking about this

the last one truuu

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Aug 16 2014


Cute sneakers from Harajuku Fashion

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Aug 16 2014

everything personal♡


everything personal♡

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May 13 2014


Bonobo builds a fire and toasts marshmallows

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May 13 2014

"this ground smells really.. JUST KIDDING CHECK DIS BITCHES"


"this ground smells really.. JUST KIDDING CHECK DIS BITCHES"

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May 13 2014




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Mar 02 2014

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Oct 26 2013



Think Anorexia is funny? Sorry. I am a survivor and find NOTHING cute about this.

Wanna dress up like an Anorexic? All it takes is:

  • 4 years of hospitalization 
  • A nasogastric feeding-tube because you’ve starved yourself so much that your body doesn’t recognize food as a good thing and tries to attack itself.
  • Re-Feeding Syndrome, which can kill you. 
  • Emotional struggles for years. 
  • A father crying and pleading on his knees begging for you to get help
  • A mother who cries every time she sees you because you look and SMELL like death.
  • Holidays missed, birthdays crying in a hospital.
  • Almost every major organ in your body failing.
  • A shower chair - because you can’t stand in the shower because you’re too weak and the warm water could make you pass out.
  • A wheelchair, because you are too weak to walk and it could make you go into cardiac arrest.
  • A lifetime of medications for anxiety and the health issues “Anna Rexia” caused.
  • Plenty of money for multiple ER trips due to “Anna Rexia” even in recovery.
  • And if you don’t get help like I do, or even if you do, a coffin. Because I’ve lost more friends to this eating disorder then anything I’ve ever faced.

I almost died from this. I know it’s supposed to be funny and shit and yeah I get that, but seriously. THIS IS NOT FUNNY. Anorexia is nothing to party about or laugh at. It’s real, it’s deadly, and should not be marketed as a slutty outfit.

Want to dress as “Anna Rexia”? Just go as a Vampire, or a Zombie. Because 1/3 of us are dead.

i am fucking crying

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Oct 26 2013
  • So, what are you supposed to do when you realise you're hopelessly in love with someone, but they have no idea you exist?